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Peace in violent communities


Bringing hope, resilience and transformation from the inside-out to violent communities.

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We are a small local non-profit that has been working for 15 years in a favela in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Life is challenging in the favelas, it is a difficult environment riddled with violence, racism, police oppression, inequality, lack of opportunities and chronic poverty. We have been successfully working primarily through cultural initiatives centred around music and dance providing young people and children alternatives to the drug trafficking business that employs and kills so many children in the favelas. With this fundraising we are creating an institute within our headquarters that will offer free educational programs on peace, non-violence, conflict resolution,self responsibility and resilience. We are bringing an inside-out understanding teaching individuals that they have the power to transform and change their lives bringing true and lasting positive change to their families and community.


Provide free educational programs to disadvantaged communities, their youth, parents and leaders in the principles of innate health and resilience.


Combat violence, poverty, marginalisation, racism and conflict within the communities by waking individuals up to their innate health and innate resilience and capacity for self determination. therefore engendering peace.building, non-violence, self-empowerment and community building from the inside out.

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  • Training for staff and teachers in the core principles of the institute through ongoing programs, workshops, library books and mentoring
  • classes and mentoring for adolescents
  • workshops and circles for families and the community
  • a library of books, films and materials
  • lectures and workshops with teachers invited from brasil and abroad
  • drop-in clinic staffed all year round by teachers and staff
  • we will provide food, transport costs and writing materials


Inner Peace/Outer Peace was founded by members of a non-for-profit organization called Jongo da Serrinha, in a shanty town in the northern suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. The NGO has been operating as a cultural and social promoter of change for the past 15 years and we have recently opened a new space where we can concentrate all our activities and we are fast becoming a cultural reference in the city of Rio de Janeiro.     The Inner Peace/Outer Peace Institute arises from a desire to expand our programs to include free training and education to staff, children, youth, parents and community leaders in peace building initiatives, pointing them to their innate health and resilience therefore stimulating community building, tools for resolving inner and outer conflicts, non-violence and transformational change.

Program philosophy

“Community change and social problems prevention”

“Training of key community leaders in the principles of innate health and resilience”

The main programs of the institute revolve around pointing participants to their innate health and resilience, are designed to alter mindsets and perceptions, provided using simple conversations and trainings aimed at shifting perceptions and waking up to the basic understanding of the innate health and love residing in each human being.

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Core principles and practices

Community change and prevention of social problems through an inside-out understanding. Many initiatives to create social change by altering outside circumstances have limited effect, but especially in communities riddled with violence and desperate social conditions, even less seems to work. By collaborating with the cultural initiatives and good will created over the years through the programs established the NGO we have the opportunity to bring an inside out understanding to key community leaders, youth and children to foster a new understanding of what is possible and available to each one and how each individual can have a lasting and true positive impact on the community.

Outside circumstances sometime seem so desperate that only radical change or hand outs seem to be the only option. But by waking individuals up to their own resilience and innate health, new insights and possibilites become available and apparent. By teaching staff first in the core principles of innate health ( see 3 Principles of Syd Banks), and targeting community leaders with programs and educational initiatives we can have a true lasting impact.

The project includes conferences and workshops to invite community leaders, youth, and anyone interested from the various communities in the suburbs of  Rio to introduce the principles of innate health and resilience to a wider audience in the city.


THE NGO: background and work

The Grupo Cultural Jongo da Serrinha is a Non Governmental Organization founded about 50 years ago in Madureira, in the northern suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. It promotes integrated projects in the areas of culture, arts, history, social and economic development, work opportunities and income creation. 13 years ago it officially became a Charitable Trust and has been working in partnership with public, private and international institutions for the preservation and promotion of Jongo in its function as immaterial heritage in the south east of Brazil and its social deployment for human evolution.

Who we are:

Alcinoo is the founder and director of the institute. He has been collaborating in various roles with Jongo da Serrinha for 10 years now working alongside the director to reinvent its image and secure a permanent place in the cultural and social panorama of Rio de Janeiro. As a certified coach, trainer and facilitator it is now Alcinoo’s dream to bring to he public, staff and children of the organization tools to end  suffering and discrimination on all levels.

Dyonne Boy: as director and founder of the non-profit, Dyonne has persevered with the mission of  “cultural resistance” through thick and thin. Her work has been vital to keep the organisation financially afloat through donations and sponsorship, been crucial in liaising between different factions, realities and difficulties. To date her most important contribution has been realising the dream of building a permanent headquarters where now we are building upon past successes to become a force for good and for change in the vast panorama of the carioca favelas and suburbs.

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